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Parasite movie poster.
Parasite movie poster.
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The first time I watched “Parasite” it had me at the edge of my seat, or in this case, sitting up in my bed with a clenched jaw and watery eyes. The mid-September air was cold and fit the atmosphere of this genre-contradicting film. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I sat there watching the end credits with so much built-up emotion and a huge ‘WTF’ moment that had me angry, sad, and wanting for more.

In early February 2020, the film “Parasite,” followed by its brilliant director Bong Joon-ho, took home four Oscars…

After entering lockdown, as most Americans did during the first wave of the novel coronavirus, Brandon Balayan, 21, found a way to continue his mission as an active journalist while the nation faced a major lockdown and numerous conflicts.

Brandon Balayan, 21

With strong determination, he and his colleague, Kamryn Martell, began their podcast series Beyond Face Value (2020), where they invite guest speakers to weigh in on topics arraying from politics, writing and publishing, racial issues, activism, film, and LGBTQ issues around the world, as well as other journalists who offered insight on reporting during COVID-19. …

Kaydin sits there slouching with an expression of angst and boredom on his face. He wears his black headset that is plugged into his laptop while attending his virtual class and simultaneously enjoying his quick breakfast that consists of apple juice and sweet bread. As he finishes the meal, he calmly props himself up from the chair to toss the trash away. Although the meal is gone, the smell of sweet apple and warm bread lingers in the air. As he returns to his seat, he finds himself in the same seating position as before.

The teacher, unaware that Kaydin is daydreaming, continues on with her online session as her voice fades in his mind.

His eyes and mind are…

A picture of a framed family portrait.
A picture of a framed family portrait.
Family Portrait (1997).

The journey for most people does not begin the day they are born. Instead, they fail to realize that it starts with their parent's journey, their hardships, and the decision to have you.

Mine started right after my parents decided to buy their first house together after moving from their dumpy little apartment in the heart of Los Angeles. They saved their assets and moved with my two older sisters, Jennifer (older), and Cinthia (second oldest), to the San Fernando Valley; more specifically, Van Nuys, CA.

Their passion and what was once was their Christian devotion and prayers for a…

For decades, people have come to the United States from all walks of life in pursuit of the American Dream. However, most of them are unable to share a single vision and find that their dreams change once in the US. To get a clear understanding of how different the dream is for everyone, five different people were asked the following questions:

  • Does the American Dream alter we grow?
  • Is the American Dream worth it?
  • Have you accomplished your American Dream?
  • Is the American Dream accessible to all cultures?
  • What does the American Dream mean to you?

In this short video, their responses were shared only to find that everyone is on a unique path to success.

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